About Us

Our Background

Our Executive Team's background is comprised of chemistry, pharmacy, agricultural, business management, law enforcement, technology, cyber security, and photography. We often say we have all the puzzles pieces to make a perfect business in industrial hemp.  Our name is Hempossible because we believe Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God (HIM) all things are possible”.


Do the Hempossible.

Get, it?


Our Mission and Values

At Hempossible Industries our mission and values define us as a company and as individuals. We are committed to making a strong contribution to the world through hemp education and being a valuable resource to our customers and clients. Every aspect of our business serves a purpose that is aligned to our overall mission as a company. Even our product labeling has meaning. If you head over to our product page, you'll see that many of our products contain an image of a laurel wreath made out of hemp leaves. Laurel wreaths have long been linked to greek mythology as a symbol of triumph and peace. Biblically, it is an emblem of victory, power, and Glory. That is what we strive to represent as a company.



Our Values

  • Greatness– It’s our passion 

  • Integrity – We do the right thing 

  • Community – We care about people & our environment 

  • Teamwork – We work together, never apart 

  • Respect – We value all of our relationships 

The Hempossible Industries executive team believes in committing to doing our best, displaying integrity, supporting our community, and respecting everyone we encounter. We are fully committed to  providing the best possible experience in all aspects of our business relationships, from our customers to our vendors and wholesalers. 

A Note from the CEO

Throughout my career, I've been in positions where I've had to put my career before my own self-care and family. It wasn't until later in life when I began purposely making time for the things that mattered the most to me. Once I began sticking to a healthy work-life balance, it allowed me time to focus on some of the ideas God planted inside of me and to get more involved in the community. My most rewarding community involvements was an Adjunct Chemistry Professor at the local community colleges and working in the community garden and my church.  In 2017, my department downsized and I was subsequently moved to another department. This unsettling feeling caused me to begin reassessing my life and career.  


I realized that my wealth of knowledge and experience was way too valuable to be in a position of possible unemployment and that I needed think about a legacy for my children. I began to think of the impact that I wanted to have on the world and what I could offer. Through my own life's journey and overcoming a myriad of health issues, I decided that I wanted to help others live and heal their bodies naturally, as I had done.

It was in August 2017 that I had a conversation with my best cousin-sister-friend, Bertrille and shared with her that I wanted to grow roots and herbs. With my background in Chemistry and Pharmacy, I wanted to create all natural products to help with common ailments and reduce the amount of unknown toxins people put into their bodies. The response was “Hey let’s grow hemp!” It was then that we began our research on Industrial Hemp. I enlisted the help of my tech wiz daughter, Jasmine, and Bertrille reached out to her brother Joe. We put our skills & talents together to form #TeamHempossible. We put in countless hours of research, attended seminars on industry standards, participated in both agricultural and hemp conferences, visited several hemp farms throughout VA & NC, received hands on training in the harvesting process, and educated ourselves on all of the federal and local laws surrounding hemp. Since we already had over 120 acres of family farm land, we applied for an Industrial Hemp Grower License and was approved to grow hemp in both North Carolina and Virginia. As we were on our journey, we also became a popular resources in the local hemp farming community. It was then that we decided to not only farm and sell products, but to also offer consultations to other hemp farmers. We have been behind the scenes putting in the leg work for our business for a while, but it wasn't until January 2020 that we were officially established as a company. As we continue to grow, our products and service offerings are constantly growing as well. We thank you for your support and we look forward to you joining us in living life, The Natural Way.

Sharon Harper, CEO of Hempossible Industries