WHY we use Full Spectrum Hemp?

Terpenes. That is why we choose to use the full plant instead of just CBD.

Terpenes can enhance the effects of the cannabinoids. Have you ever noticed how two separate strains can produce different effects? One strain may leave you relaxed and tension free, another may increase mental focus and clarity, and some give you the best of both. That’s one of the ways the entourage effect is driven by BOTH cannabinoids and terpenes.

There are at least 20,000 different terpenes in existence and the cannabis plant has more than 100 of them. However, there are a couple of terpenes that are more likely to be highly concentrated in your Full Spectrum HEMP Products.

MYRCENE Myrcene, which can also be found in mangos, is the primary terpene found in cannabis plants. Myrcene has relaxing properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties, and is primarily responsible for the distinctive aroma of HEMP Flower.

LIMONENE The second most abundant terpene found in cannabis, limonene, can also be found in various citrus fruits, and is responsible for the citrus aroma. However, it may not be present in all cannabis strains. Limonene has powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and can also help to bust stress and enhance mood.

PINENE This terpene’s name is self-explanatory. Pinene is found most abundantly in the pine tree. Pinene is a strong bronchodilator, but also has immense anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that have been used for centuries in herbal medicines. 

LINALOOL If you’ve ever used lavender for its relaxant effects, then you’re familiar with this common terpene. Linalool is widely known for the stress-relieving, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant effects. Linalool is an ideal terpene for the treatment of anxiety. 

CARYOPHYLLENE This terpene, which has a spicy, woody, peppery scent, is also found in black pepper and cinnamon. Studies indicate that this one small terpene is capable of performing the big job of reducing anxiety, depression, and inflammation. It’s a terpene that packs a lot of punch.

HUMULENE While many other strains help to increase appetite, which is beneficial to those who have conditions which nausea and loss of appetite are a factor, strains that contain humulene may actually help to decrease appetite. Found in hops, cloves, and basil, humulene has also shown anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in research.

So what does all of this mean? Terpenes and cannabinoids working synergistically is what makes taking a Full Spectrum HEMP product, a truly exceptional choice. Based upon the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes’ team effort, incorporating a real Full Spectrum HEMP product into your daily regime can help you to achieve the result you’ve been looking for.


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