Wellness Gummies

Wellness Gummies


All the benefits of hemp combined with elderberry and a special blend of vitamins to give your immune system a boost and relieve Cold & Allergy Symptoms.


Get Well with an extra dose of elderberry for Immune Support


Work Well  with Vitamin C & B12 for energy to get through the day


Sleep Well with Melatonin for a restful night of sleep


The individual packs now contain 10 gummies for the same price. The Small Variety Pack contains 5 of each gummy for a total of 15 gummies. The Large Variety Pack contains 10 of each gummy for a total of 30 gummies.


Directions: Take at least one gummy a day or as needed. Contains: Gelatin, Elderberry, FSE Hemp Oil, Blackseed oil, Lavender, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Iron, Melatonin


Safe for kids!